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A Guide to Vacuum Sealers

  • Monday, 14 June 2021
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A Guide to Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum bag molding is perhaps the most basic composite production technique for creating laminated structural parts. It's popular in the automotive industry. The process is used to manufacture bumpers, shock absorbers, and a few other components. The vacuum bag is placed on the part before it's painted, assembled, and allowed to dry.

In the auto industry, the term "vacuum bag" refers to a cylindrical plastic sheet that's filled with an abrasive dust (or bleaching agent) and is then inserted into an injection mold to be made into a part. The dust is usually aluminum oxide, which is added to improve friction and reduce impurities. After being cooled in the mold, the finished product will have a non-reflective surface and be nearly maintenance free. Because the dust is so dense, it actually works to reduce heat buildup.

The two kinds of bags that can be used in vacuum bag molding are flatbed and tube-shaped. The flatbed type has a flat bottom that forms the inner surface of the bag. It's designed to have its bags open at one end and sealed at the other. A vacuum bag with a flat bottom has a smaller surface area than the tube-shaped bag, which has a larger surface area. Because of the smaller overall surface area, these bags have less friction and retain less dust than other types of bags.

The tube-shaped bag has a small hole at the bottom that connects to a larger bag that has a wider seal. Both of these bags can be closed and opened, but both have smaller opening than a flatbed vacuum bag. When these bags are opened, they allow air to enter and push out the dust from the inside of the bag. This makes the tube-shaped bag a good choice for low-moisture applications.

For high-moisture applications, you can use either a single or double channeled vacuum sealer. A single channeled vacuum bag generally has a lip over the opening, while double channeled vacuum bags have a band of channels along the edges that spreads the moisture through. Using single channeled vacuum seals can be an effective choice, but they may not be as efficient as vacuum bags with a double channel or neutral groove.

Many manufacturers use vacuum bags in their line of products. They can be found in a variety of different sizes and can be shaped into almost any shape. You'll often find them available in custom colors, so that they match your specific brand or model of vacuum cleaner. Vacuum sealers have been proven to be an effective way to keep your products clean.

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