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Advantages of Vacuum Plastic Bags

  • Friday, 15 January 2021
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Advantages of Vacuum Plastic Bags

Vacuum plastic bags are used widely to fill airtightness packing container, the first sealing air to the inside of this container after the packing material, vacuum sealed to the same level as the expected vacuum level of that type of packing material. Vacuum plastic bag is also known as vacuum sealing, is carrying out with great pressure to draw the air from the packing material and hold the bag at the required level of pressure, the high pressure air of low oxygen environment effect, create no microorganisms... this is done in order to keep the items intact. If it is vacuum sealed the result will be an unbroken packing material intact for a long period of time.

vacuum plastic bags

The vacuum plastic bags are made up of many layers, first it is made up of paper-fill which is specially designed for the purpose, it can be color or no color filled paper-fill. Then comes the second layer which is generally polyethylene terephthalate (PET) that is more or less shaped like beans, this is generally used for the purpose of vapor permeability and abrasion resistance, this layer aids the vacuum sealing. After this, we have the third and fourth layers which are generally polyester mesh which is again formed like beans but these are used for the purpose of adhesion, compression and shrinkage. One more layer is then there which is referred to as the secondary fiber layer which is used mostly for the purpose of mechanical integrity checking. And one more, which can also be termed as the vacuum plastic bag vacuum packing is the vacuum plastic bag molding machine that is used to form this vacuum plastic bags. This process is known as vacuum plastic bag molding machine

It was in decades ago when the vacuum food sealer sealing machine was first introduced in the market, and many companies used this machine to manufacture vacuum plastic bags. They used to do it by hand with some amount of success but the problem was that the plastic tends to get twisted and curled up if it was hand processed. Therefore, they were not able to process much volume of bags using this method, they had to increase the process speed and thereby the cost. Due to this increasing cost, many companies were not willing to use this method for manufacturing. But now things have changed, and companies have started to use this technology to manufacture their products.

There are various advantages of using vacuum plastic bags, one of them is the complete automation, it reduces the manual labor that was required to process the products by hand several years ago. And also after using the vacuum sealer machine, it would not be difficult to clean up the products properly, because all the excess glue that tends to collect on the corners and other surface areas of the poly bag nylon pe vacuum bags is easily removed by using a damp towel or a feather duster. This simple and easy process would take hardly few months to perform, instead of doing it manually, you can do it within few hours time.

However, there are also some disadvantages of using this modern technology, some of these are - the price, because vacuum plastic bags now are produced in large volumes, and also the cost factor. If you think about it, the cost of production of poly bag nylon pe vacuum bags, that is used for food packaging purposes, has gone up by about 10% in a few months ago. In recent years, they have been steadily rising, due to higher competition in the market.

There is another advantage of using this modern technology, and that is reducing the total number of bags that need to be produced, thus reducing the overall cost of production. By simply reducing the production costs, you can increase the volume of plastic bags that you need to produce. Nowadays, people are very conscious about their budget, and they look for every way to reduce their consumption, or else they cannot go on buying plastic products, like vacuum bags. Thus, reducing the volume of production means reducing the overall cost, and this can definitely help the consumers a lot. So, this is one of the most important advantages of using vacuum technologies, both in terms of cost and energy consumption, and they are just one of the numerous advantages that we can enjoy by using such advanced technologies.

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