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Consumer Reports - Ziploc Space Bags Review

  • Tuesday, 12 January 2021
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Consumer Reports - Ziploc Space Bags Review

The Ziploc Space Bag has a special, double-fold design that is activated by rolling up the outer bag to compress your clothes into a compact space-saving package without a separate vacuum.ziploc space bags The Space Bag has an easy-to-clean, sealed lid and double- zipper closure that allow you quick access for convenient, effortless usage. A heavy-duty, fully lined inner fabric with Velcro panels provides a durable, waterproof seal and is easily vacuumed to maintain its shape and color. It even repels flies and dust mites, so you can enjoy clean clothes at home every time.

The Ziploc Space Bag is also rated as the best item in a set by Consumer Reports.ziploc space bags ziploc space bags They are rated 4 out of 5 by the Consumer Reviews on Safety. This means that they are highly recommended by people who have tested them. They are rated on the strength of their vacuum capability, ease of use and how long it takes to deflate. The bag also ranked high on its ability to hold its own against other pillows and was rated 3 out of 5 by Popular Mechanics.

Many other consumer reviews are available on the Internet and they give mixed reviews. Some people find them bulky and difficult to clean. Others find them very lightweight, but not enough support to keep clothes inside. One reviewer writes that the Ziploc bags are difficult to open and close, but they keep the items in perfect condition and he or she also had no problem with leaking. Other people write that the bags are flimsy, don't work well to pack clothes and get stuck in zippers very easily.

A third set of ratings that we looked at were written by an editor from the New York Times. Their review gave the bags high marks, but also gave them some harsh criticism. They wrote that the bags are difficult to clean and the straps for hanging are hard to get together. The zipper pulls also said that they tend to slip when you are trying to pull them closed. This reviewer writes that these bags are great to use for "special occasions," but not much else.

In conclusion, Consumer Reports give the Ziploc Space Bag a rating of a four out of five. The Space Bag is large and bulky compared to many other small size pillows, and some reviewers find that it can be hard to clean. The ease of use and durability rating are both above average. The ease of opening and closing the bags are both above average. If you are planning on using your Ziploc Space Bag for multiple purposes and multiple sizes and want something that is easy to clean and maintain, then the Space Bag might not be the best choice.

All in all, the Space Bag does what it claims to do, which is to save space in your closet. It does this while adding a nice decorative touch to your bedroom. If you like large decorative pillows, then the Space Bag is not for you. But if you just need to save space in your closet or bedroom, then this bag will work for you.

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