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How to Clean Your Bag For Blankets

  • Sunday, 15 November 2020
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How to Clean Your Bag For Blankets

Vacuum seal bags for blankets are a great way to preserve the quality of blankets you buy. Blankets need to be protected from dirt and dust and as such should always be bagged and stored in air tight plastic bags to keep the bagged product fresh and hygienic at all times. But if you have bought a bag to use as a vacuum seal bag for blankets, it is important that you follow a few simple rules about how to use them effectively.

To begin with, never put the bag on any surface without first removing the backing paper. The back paper will protect the blanket and make the vacuum seal bag for blankets last longer but it can easily break or peel when you put your blanket on it. Never remove the backing paper in the middle of a vacuum. As a rule of thumb, vacuum seal bags should never be put in the washing machine as they will cause damage to the blankets.

Vacuum seal bags should never be stored in direct sunlight as their ultraviolet rays may damage the fibres. If you use your vacuum bag for blankets outside, ensure that you store it in a cool dry place. Sunlight also dries up cotton, so it may take a while to dry out a vacuum bag.

Always make sure that you use a clean cloth to handle the bag before putting it in the washing machine. Make sure you do not use a dirty cloth that will actually irritate the fibres of the fabric.

Once you have washed your vacuum seal bags for blankets, it is important that you allow them to air dry before putting them away. Although they are airtight, they will retain a little humidity in them and this can make it easier for the fibres of the blanket to stretch out.

It is vital that you do not wash your bag in hot water or use a high temperature setting. Use a gentle cycle on your washer or dryer and you should be fine.

If you decide to use your bag for a long time then you may find that it can start to look dirty and have patches of dead skin or hairs in the bags. This can be caused by many things, including washing too often and using strong detergents. So use mild cleansers and detergents which have been designed for the fabric of the blanket instead.

To avoid leaving fingerprints or dirt in the bags, keep your bag clean at all times. This can be hard when you are washing the bags for a long time, but try to keep your hands away from the washing machine. and wash the bag only as often as necessary. Washing the bag too often will wear out the fibres of the blanket making them hard and thick.

When you finally clean your bag, be sure to remove any loose fibres as they will cling to the bag and will start to wrinkle or rub against your clothing. When you are finished cleaning the bag, it is important that you hand it off to the washing machine with your hands or vacuum seal bags for blankets. Be sure to hang the bag out to dry thoroughly before putting it away to prevent any dust from settling in the pockets.

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