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Protect Your Clothes From Moths With Vacuum Storage Bags

  • Friday, 18 December 2020
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Protect Your Clothes From Moths With Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum storage bags, also called vacuum bags, are large plastic bags which have a zipper closure. When bags are full with soft materials such as blankets, bedding, pillows, furniture pillows, or soft toys, then a hand pump or vacuum is attached to the zipper and the bag is vacuumed. Vacuum bags have many uses, but the most common use for a vacuum storage bag is to store vacuum cleaners, which come with special bags that fit them so they don't spill on the floor. Vacuum bags come in many sizes and shapes, which make it easy for people to find the one that will best suit their needs.

Vacuum storage dehumidifiers can also be used to store vacuum cleaners. If you don't already have one of these devices then you should consider purchasing a dehumidifier which is designed to remove excess moisture from rooms and other areas of your home. Vacuum desiccators are made especially to be used in vacuum storage to keep items dry and in good condition.

There are some very good vacuum bags on the market which are designed for both dry storage and wet storage. The good news is that there are options available to suit just about any household. There are bags that fit laundry, bath towels, even clean clothes such as those washed at the dry cleaner. The design of some of these vacuum bags makes it convenient to use as a garbage bag too!

Vacuum storage bags are also available for use with vacuum storage units. The most common option that comes with this type of unit is a fibreglass vacuum storage bag. The construction of this type of bag allows for creases to be reduced, which makes it ideal for use in areas where creases are usually an issue. The fibreglass construction does not allow moisture to pass through the fibres, so it is less likely to attract mold and mildew. This means that you will not be inviting bacteria to your home through the creases in your clothes.

Vacuum storage bags which are used to encapsulate and cushion garments are also a great option. These can be placed in high traffic areas in the house such as the closet for example. The vacuum bags act like cushions for your clothes, and therefore they help to reduce wrinkles in the creases. If you purchase a fabric bag, it will be possible to add extra layers of cushioning for those times when the wind blows and those creases start to soften. This can easily save you hundreds over the years on ironing your clothes.

Another benefit of vacuum storage bags is that they are an excellent trap for moths which seek out warm and dark areas in your clothes. It is the female type of moth that is most attracted to clothes which are kept in storage. They can live on any number of fabrics from wool to silk, and the smell which they release as they feed on the fabrics is also quite pungent. It's a good idea to regularly check that there is no moth activity in your clothes. You can use special moth spray in these areas, but remember that it may take several months before they are completely eradicated from your clothes.

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