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What is a Vacuum Bag?

  • Friday, 20 November 2020
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What is a Vacuum Bag?

Vacuum bagged plastic laminating is an extremely versatile process for producing highly durable composite materials such as plastic handbags. The lamination to be produced (i.e. a hand lay-down or prepreg) is then placed on a pre-made plastic mould.

When vacuum bagging plastic handbags, the primary lamination process is a single-side roll-forming process (for single colour plastics), or a two-side polyester resin laminate process (for multiple colour plastics). This is achieved by pressing out a large number of plastic sheets from the roll, which are then sandwiched together. These layers of plastic are then sandwiched into a polyester sheet backing. This polyester sheet backing is then placed onto the vacuum bagger to form the laminate layer.

When vacuum bagged plastic bags are laminated, there are two things that need to happen. Firstly, a pre-roll adhesive must be applied onto the plastic laminate sheets, in order to hold the plastic laminate sheets together. Secondly, the plastic laminate sheets must be pressed and peeled into small sheets, in order to create the pre-roll "layers". The pre-roll adhesive that is used should be strong enough to hold the laminated plastic laminate sheets together, while also being able to easily peel the laminated plastic laminate sheets. This is because it will be required to remove the laminated plastic laminate sheets and replace them with a fresh batch. Any damage to the plastic laminate sheets, such as bending, stretching or pulling, should be repaired prior to laying the new batch of laminated plastic laminate sheets.

Once the laminated plastic laminate sheeting is pressed, peeled and laminated, it is important to ensure that the vacuum bag is completely full. Once the vacuum bag is empty, the bagger can then be inserted into a laminator machine and the laminated plastic laminate is then transferred into the vacuum bagger, which can then be placed in the larger hole of the vacuum bagged, ready for use.

Vacuum bagged plastic handbags are normally treated before they go into the vacuum bagger. The treatment procedure usually involves washing off any dirt and grime using an ultrasonic cleaner. The bagger then contains the bagged bag with an anti-static coating, which prevents the bag from absorbing moisture, making it much easier to clean.

If the bag is a vacuum bag, the vacuum bagger will have a pre-loaded polyethylene lining inside, which ensures that the bag will remain dry during the treatment process. During the treatment, the bag will be sealed and the plastic, laminated bag will be sprayed with a chemical to make it dry faster.

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