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Which Portable Closet System is Best for You?

  • Sunday, 24 January 2021
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Which Portable Closet System is Best for You?

When searching for the perfect portable closet organizer, the most important consideration should be quality and durability. After all, you are going to be using this closet organizer every day. So, it is important that it will hold up under the daily abuse it gets. Whether that means kids throwing their clothes everywhere or just plain wear and tear from time to time, the closet organizer needs to be able to withstand these kinds of things.

The next most important consideration in choosing a portable closet organizer is whether you want adjustable shelves or not. As we all know hangers can become really heavy, especially if you have a lot of hanging rods in your wardrobe. If you have limited closet space and/or are using the closet as a work area, then a lightweight closet system will be your best bet because it won't add an additional inch to your height.

The next consideration for choosing a portable closet organizer is whether you want a hanging rack and/or wire racks. Hanging racks are used mainly for coats, dresses and skirts. Wire racks can be used to organize pants, belts and shoes. For shoes, I recommend a stacked rack so you can easily see which shoes belong where. A spinning rack can be helpful for shirts and pants.

Some of the more popular portable closet systems are the OXGord portable closet system, Bosch and the Whitmor lightweight closet systems. These companies offer a variety of different colors like beige, black and white. Some companies even offer them in different sizes like small, medium and large.

If you need more than enough space to store a few items, you may consider a portable wardrobe closet. This is a closet that folds up flat when not in use and can be taken out just like a coat stand. It folds into a neat manageable size and stores easily under a bed or in a closet. Some portable units fold out to become a walk-in closet. I prefer the walk-in style because it saves space for me.

With portable closet systems you have the option of purchasing accessories like bottle organizers or shoe organizers. Some units even come with a mirror on one side. I think the price of an aoou portable closet system is about the same as an individual closet system without all the accessories. There are some extra things that I would add, like extra hanging rods that can be adjusted according to your needs, more shelves or a shoe cubby, but these are minor things.

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