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Best Vacuum Storage Bags

    Consumers using ordinary pe Vacuum Storage Bags, have to face will it lose the compression after some time,

Sellers are basically reminding how to use vacuum bags,

1. Don't store items with sharp corners.

2. Try not to let your item exceed the stop line.

3.Please do not bending or creasing the zipper to prevent breakage, Zipper would lose its function if it is folded for a long time...

But after you use it carefully, there is still a lot of air leakage. Let’s see what other sellers say

amazon Danielle says: "Yes I have also had this problem. They say lifetime warranty but who wants to go through all of the hassle of getting 1-2 bags that are defective. This is the second or third time I've bought these bags . I use them when I move. It really does help but some don't make it to move day and they inflate for no apparent reason but you can tell there's a small pinprick hole somewhere leaking air (eye roll) it's annoying. Then others stay nice and compressed until you move and when you pulling them out of the moving truck they aren't as compressed anymore. I've bought a couple of different brands and it's always the same song and dance. Maybe they would be ok if you were just putting a few winter clothes or a quilt or two in them and deflating it and storing under your bed but you gotta be very careful with them. Wish I could find a super tough brand that would actually last but haven't yet. If anyone else does let me know!! see less"

To solve this problem, we recommend BAGAIL Vacuum Storage Bags

why is  BAGAIL Vacuum Storage Bags? 

1. The material used is light, thin, and durable 40D composite material,It is stronger and more durable than ordinary PE materials, and it is difficult to be pierced

2.Waterproof zipper used for clothing, easier to operate than the zipper of ordinary vacuum bags.